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R.M of Franklin
115 Waddell Ave. E Box 66
Dominion City, Manitoba  ROA OHO
Phone: 204-427-2557
Fax: 204-427-2224

Welcome to Franklin

The Rural Municipality of Franklin was incorporated in 1883. The Rural Municipality of Franklin is located in south eastern Manitoba, and is located approximately 80 kilometers south of Manitoba's capital city, Winnipeg. Franklin parallels the Canada/U.S.A. border along its southern boundary. The municipality is easily accessible with Provincial Highway 59, the major route that runs through the municipality. Provincial roads 200, 201, 217, and 218 help connect the municipality's several communities together. The western border of Franklin is the Red River, with the Roseau River running through the municipality itself.

Franklin's largest centre is the community of Dominion City, with the communities of Arnaud, Carlowrie, Fredensthal, Green Ridge, Ridgeville, Rosa, Roseau River, Tolstoi, and Woodmore forming the other significant communities.

The economy of Franklin is quite diverse, yet the majority of the residents are employed in some type of agriculture, evident by the surrounding countryside that is populated by grain farms and mixed farming. Many of the farms include specialized crops and even bison ranches. The Roseau River winds through the Municipality offering year round recreation and scenic country living.